Launch Orange Corners Sudan!

It is finally time for Orange Corners to open its doors and welcome the talentful people of Sudan! After the #StartSudanUp panel discussion, Orange Corners Sudan was officially launched. The discussion was focussed on the role of education in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The event was visited by over 700 people who were interested in entrepreneurship and the possibilities, challenges and solutions for startups in Sudan.

With the official launch of Orange Corners Sudan comes the possibility to apply for the incubation programme. The application is open untill December 15th to anyone who is a beginning entrepreneur seeking help and guidance in turning their business into a success. The programme will officially start in February 2019. You can find more information about the programme in the frequently asked questions section.

Orange Corners, an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherland, has joined forces with 249 Startups in Sudan. Together, and hopefully with more (local) partners in the near future, we will provide Sudanese entrepreneurs with a tailored incubation programme where they will learn all they need to successfully start up a business and have access to a modern co-working environment where they can meet peers and like-minded people.

By supporting entrepreneurship and talented entrepreneurs, we hope to support the local economy and help find solutions to local problems. That is the power of entrepreneurship. That is why we hope to turn great ideas into successful start-ups!