EmpowerHer is one of Orange Corners Sudan programs, hosted at 249startups. It develops and empower women in the business sector with all kind of challenges they might face in their career.  It is a fact that a lot of Sudanese startups females faced struggles in the market such as social acceptance, discrimination, harassment …etc. Why EmpowerHer’s? When Orange corners application opened only 33% were females. This was an eye opener for the need for such program.

One of the empowerment activities is hosting inspiring female entrepreneurs where they talk about their business stories and the challenges they faced in their community. The program will evolve to become a monthly club session to enable supportive community, with the aims to celebrate their growth.

EmpowerHer vision is creating a supportive environment to unlock women potentials, in a society that limits their roles and career paths. Our mission is developing a program that embraces female entrepreneurs and help them break all the boundaries. Building the image of a positive, leading and strong female entrepreneur and present it as an example for the community. Our goal is to increase the percentage of women participants in the next OC incubation program up to 50%. Equip them with all the knowledge, tools and technical skills to help them grow into successful entrepreneurs. Also empowering their business’s by providing media exposure & the right connections.