What we offer

Business Advice

Professionals and business experts will be at your reach, providing you with consultancy tailored just for your business

Seminars and workshops

Practical workshops where you will gain variety of skills and answers to the different questions on how to run your business

Mentoring and coaching

Did you know, the right Mentor can increase your chances to success & sustainability? The program will provide Mentors and coaches to support your through this growth journey

Networking events

Many events through the program will take place. They will allow you to socialize, build your own network within the entrepreneurial community, as well as, Connecting to experts, professionals and recognized entities.

Inspiring co-working spaces

Incubatees will have access to work area, internet, meeting room, and also office supplies and services like printing and so


Essential subjects for startups will be covered. Experts will share their best practices and experiences to transfer the knowledge and understanding that entrepreneurs need.

Our goal

Our ambition is to develop and strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Sudan. This ecosystem should enable youth to develop their business concept and become successful entrepreneurs, by providing them with the necessary opportunities, skills and access to markets.

Through Orange Corners we provide young entrepreneurs with a 6 months incubation progamme. At the same time, Orange Corners serves as a bridge between these innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector. This offers a great benefit to all partners involved. Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherland in collaboration with 249 Startups.